Welcome to the

Center for Inclusive Change

The journey to INCLUSIVITY begins with CHANGE.

Companies that foster diversity and inclusion enjoy the fruits of labor in substantial ways - happier employees, happier customers, lower employee turnover, more profitable solutions, and the list goes on.  However, sound models for such achievements have been elusive at best.  This leaves leaders and managers on a constant search for solutions.

INCLUSIVE CHANGE is the way forward.

By incorporating true best practices in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging into your problem-solving and change management activities, you can achieve significantly higher levels of employee engagement, psychological safety, and healthy and successful revenue growth.

There are inherent challenges lurking inside of everyday, routine business practices. When companies encounter change due to digital transformation, technology implementations, artificial intelligence system adoptions, process reengineering, department reorgs, a physical move, turnover of a key employee, re-branding efforts, new product launches, mergers, and other disruptive changes, employees can feel overlooked, left out, and abandoned. All of these experiences can lead to stakeholder frustrations, causing the company to bear more risk as a result.

The Center for Inclusive Change helps companies, non-profits, and government organizations institutionalize positive and proactive behaviors, systems, policies, and tools that enable leaders, managers, and employees to function equitably and inclusively when solving business problems and implementing changes.   The fact is - the more your employees and customers trust you and feel engaged, the more your problem-solving efforts will include diverse ideas, and the more successful you will become.

What we are:

We are a sigh of relief for exacerbated leaders (and your employees).  We are understanding and empathetic to the uphill battles of problem-solving and change.  We offer cutting-edge, innovative, research-based approaches to achieving real progress.  We are easy on your implementation brain cells and your budget.  We deliver high-value solutions for affordable prices that make sense for EVERY organization on this big, beautifully diverse spinning ball of hope that we call Earth.

What we are not:

Our solutions are not a silver bullet. Shifting to a more inclusive culture takes monumental effort involving a continuous drumbeat of deliberate actions orchestrated by deep strategic thinking from dedicated individuals like you leading your people onward into positive change.


We'd love to send you a sample of a module if you're interested.