Generative AI

Workplace Policy and Online Employee Training Program


Harness the Power. Manage the Risks.

 Generative AI is here to stay, and every organization needs a policy that addresses its responsible use. In addition, corresponding employee training is essential to support organization-wide adoption of such policies. This package gives organizations those very tools in a turn-key, low-cost, and research-based package to maximize adoption of responsible use behaviors of generative AI in the workplace.



Turnkey Policy Template

The package includes a simple, but comprehensive organizational policy covering the safe and effective use of generative AI. The policy is provided in an editable format for easy adaptation to your unique organizational needs. Most organizations add references to existing policies like discrimination, cyber security, and other relevant risk-mitigation concerns.  The policy is written in plain language to maximize understanding and adoption.

Online Employee Training

The package includes an easy-to-administer online employee training program that reinforces all elements of the policy to accelerate company-wide adoption. This 30-minute, video-based training can be viewed on-demand from any device. The six modules in the program tell a story of how generative AI works, how to harness it's power, and what to watch out for while simultaneously reiterating key elements of the policy. 

Consulting Support

The generative AI landscape is growing and morphing by the day. Additional consulting services are available to support unique organizational needs. Common concerns facing organizations include evaluating the current internal usage of generative AI for risky use cases, identifying safe generative AI (e.g., Microsoft Copilot) and adapting the policy to differentiate between unsafe and safe generative AI solutions, and other unique issues.


The topics covered in the policy and online employee training program include everything your employees need to know to help your organization leverage all that generative AI has to offer, but in the safest way possible.

How Generative AI actually works

Opportunities and Use Cases

Risk Awareness Check List

Responsible Uses Guidance

The Generative AI Future


Dr. Cari Miller is a subject matter expert in AI policy, governance, and risk management practices. She develops engaging AI certification courses, provides consulting on AI procurements, and is a certified AI auditor. Dr. Miller serves on the Board of ForHumanity, a non-profit developing AI audit criteria, is the Vice Chair of the IEEE working group developing international AI procurement standards, actively participates in the IEEE AI Policy Committee, and a contributor to the NIST Generative AI Playbook. 


Pricing is determined based on the number of workers you would like to take the training. Workers are defined as W2 and 1099 individuals. Consulting support and customizations to the online training are quoted upon request. SCORM options are also available upon request. 

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