About Us

The Birth of a Company

After recognizing an intensification of environmental, social, and governance needs along with decades of studying root cause issues and change management practices, it has become abundantly clear that practical solutions must emerge with a different approach to DEI&B and cultural safeguards - one that improves the outcomes for all impacted individuals.  The world deserves an approach that not only addresses knowledge, understanding, and awareness of systemic issues, but one that actually delivers practical, realistic, and meaningful actions across the entire spectrum of stakeholders.  

The Owners

She | Her | Hers | Ms.

With more than 25 years of organizational design and change management expertise, Ms. Miller has successfully guided companies, departments, and teams through complex cultural improvement initiatives, human capital alignments, business strategy shifts, system implementations, process overhauls, product launches, deep-data analysis projects, and executive repositioning efforts positively impacting thousands of employees, clients, and supply-chain partners.  Her unique approach to navigating the ubiquitous nature of operational conditions coupled with strategic communications within every action (and decisive non-action) has delivered successful outcomes across the board.  

Ms. Miller has started 5 companies, worked with some of the largest brands in the world, and has built a loyal following of those who share her passion for equality in the workplace and in STEM.  She earned a bachelor’s degree in international studies minoring in Spanish cultural studies, an MBA in Marketing and Communications, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration.   

D. E. Stobie

He | Him | His | Mr.

Mr. Stobie has nearly 40 years of executive leadership experience and decades of expertise in establishing highly effective social and emotional culture change education initiatives through a variety of e-learning and LMS platform integrations.  He has delivered powerful advertising and strategic communications campaigns for large and small brands across the globe.  Over the course of his career, Mr. Stobie has focused his talents on the urgent need for an up-to-the-minute approach to communication and educational programs designed to positively impact critical social initiatives.  

Mr. Stobie's award-winning programs have generated powerful results for prominent institutions and organizations such as Northwestern Mutual, Brown-Forman, Princeton University, the US Army, NIH, and many others. After launching several e-learning products and collaborative communications strategies, being a panel expert at national events, and internalizing the ongoing struggles of marginalized people, he decided to take action and join his wife in their mission to change the landscape of equity disparities, one company at a time. 

Power in Practice

Together, the pair bring nearly 65 years of building belonging through the strategic use of leadership best practices, proven governance strategies with practical implementation tactics, time-honored business process tools, and deep expertise in dynamic employee feedback, communications, and messaging practices that results in powerful programs that motivate people to action.

The Center for Inclusive Change is a woman-owned small business since 2016.


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