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Ethicality is essential.

Leaders across the globe are entering the 4th industrial revolution at a record pace. While this new era holds exciting promises to help make us more productive and efficient, the "black box" of AI has just as much mystery. Our need to apply oversight and governance structures to AI systems in order to mitigate the risks therein has never been more important. 

The AI learning journey for leaders and professionals has arrived, and it's going to need continuous support. 

Responsible AI Advisory Services

AI Governance Fractional Leadership

Priced per Engagement

Fractional AI governance leadership allows you to benefit from expert-level guidance while your needs ramp up without the full expert-level expense of a full-time resource. Risks within AI are undeniable, and laws are coming quickly. Leadership must understand the essential elements to consistently implement and support fair, equal, and unbiased solutions for your employees and your brand

AI Governance Planning and Operationalizing

Priced per Engagement

Assessing and establishing a strategy to mitigate and manage the ongoing nature of AI risks requires the support of a trained AI risk analyst. However, developing a company-wide strategy requires YOUR resources too. This advisory solution gives your team essential guiding resources and training to establish and implement an AI governance plan tailored to your organization's scale, scope, and resources. 

AI Solutions Procurement Training and Support

Priced per Engagement

Reputational harms can result from unfair, biased, and unmanaged AI systems purchased and used by any company. Appropriate procurement practices are essential to protect your organizational culture from adopting systems that may lead to harmful well-being impacts, discrimination, productivity disruptions, reputational harms, and more.

AI Governance Immersion Boot Camp

Full and Half-day Sessions (online)

Ideal for board members, legislators, senior leaders, HR professionals, key managers, and IT staff to take a deep dive into responsible and ethical AI governance practices. These boot camps cover inherent AI risks, specific organizational roles, duties and responsibilities, essential policies, procedural requirements, and monitoring needs to ensure healthy AI usage.

50 Minute Course

HR is one of the highest risk areas of AI. Get your feet wet with this quick course on the benefits and biases lurking within the world of AI-driven tools commonly found in HR today. This course will show you what's going on under the hood and provide essential resources to get your hands around the most dangerous aspects of AI - the biases within.  [20% off Code: 20off]

Turn-key, Affordable Package

Generative AI is here to stay, and every organization needs a policy to guide employees in how to leverage it and use it responsibly. In addition, employee training is essential in order to ensure organization-wide adoption of such policies. This package gives you BOTH an editable/adaptable policy AND the corresponding online employee training.


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